Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

Double reactor Ecopra types Gillier Pantone with three functions: gas collection, thermodynamic treatment and broadcaster oxidizer.

The simplest in order to build your own pantone reactor or pantone motor, GEET kit.

420,00 € each Réacteur ECOPRA Double

Double reactor for a massive treatment. It is designed for engines cylinder capacity from 10 000 to 50 000cm3.

It is positioned in the flow of exhaust gas to the end of the muffler by incision 15mm x 70mm.
This is part of the ECOPRA Fuel Saver Set - Commercial vehicule Gillier Pantone or the ECOPRA Fuel saver set - Truck Gillier Pantone.

For a complete set, a bubbler evaporator and a spoon (Injector intake) are missing.
Serflex of necklaces and
Sealing mastic 1000 ° C are necessary to fix it.