Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

Pantone ecopra kit was installed on a New Renault Twingo for Suez in 2011. Guaranteed manufacturer was upheld by Renault.

Find below an article from "le progres" :

Renault Twingo suez ecopra 01"It was pretty easy to see the results of a comparative national economy, with the Suez park with thousands of vehicles." This is also the case with other small utilities such Kangoo which could also be fitted.

Renault Twingo suez ecopra 02

Protocoled tests done by the company Suez and daily use showed a decrease consumption. The effect on the conduct are lower noise, economy and flexibility of the vehicle.

Renault Twingo suez ecopra 03

Since 2008, vehicles from Suez are equiped with the ecopra fuel saver.

Be smart, use the fuel savers ecopra!

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