Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


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ecopra pantone kit on trucks ecopra pantone kit on trucks

Find in this presentation, various mounting of ecopra kit on trucks. A description of the installation, fuel savings and pollution results.

The ECOPRA reactor


The water tank

Below, the setup on a Premuim renault truck with a 10/14 % result in fuel savings.

On this photo, bubbler prototypes on a Volvo truck. The evolution, development, ergonomics, ease of use and adjustment are made on a regular basis in order to optimize and rethink devices for fuel savings.

The water tank feed the fuel saver system by gravity. It is located above the muffler.

Among user feedback about the scania mounting, fuel consumption is reduced with a driving and working at 50% load.

We can see that differents parts of the ecopra reactor perfectly fit the diameter of exhaust pipes:

In this picture the reactor gillier pantone for reducing energy consumption.
The three functions of the reactor and tips. (manifold gas, oxidizing primary receiver and tip diffuser oxidizer).

Ecopra kit setup photo in Ukraine on a Mercedes Actros truck, the result of economy of diesel is 4litres to 100kms.
Despite extreme temperatures of minus 30 degrees to plus 40 degrees Celsius. The Mercedes Actros has been a world champion truck sobriety.

At this date, Trucks of different brands have been equipped: Scania, Volvo, Man, Daf, Mercedes, Iveco, Renault and also other brands.

Americaines Peterbilt and Mack Ford brands such as Kamaz and Belarus.

A stepped cutter will cut the air hose for installation of the diffuser.

In this photo the preparation of installing the bubbler, it may be located before or after the reactor. It does not affect the operation of the fuel reduction Gillier Pantone.

The reactor facility should be put before the AdBlue injection. Generally this is in the injection end of the muffler exhaust pipe.

The assembly can be mounted in a compact way. Stainless steel flexible provides a solid installation.
The stainless steel bring flexibility and strength to the ecopra system.

Marking the incision to prepare the grinder cutting operation needed to install the kit Pantone reducing fuel consumption.

In this picture the incision receiving gillier pantone reactor, part of the ecopra oxidiser kit.

Below a schema that describes flows between the pantone reactor and the ecopra bubbler.

On the Renault kerax all is in the silent, well back and protected from projections of the quarry.

In this image, pricking of the diffuser on a Renault Kerax, with up to 5 liters 100kms fuel savings.

The fastness and sustainability requirements are needed on a road truck. The choice of materials is included.
By a stainless steel tank for storage of 30 liters of water to supply the
gillier pantone kit.

Below feedbacks on consumption of mounting a Daf truck May 2009 in December 2010.
This is a savings of diesel fuel 250litres per month. Reducing energy consumption considering other investment.

Below the point of view, allows us to have an idea of the layout of the unit to reduce fuel consumption.

It is a comprehensive schema on a scania truck.

Here on this picture, a photo showing the spoon diffuser on a Mercedes Actros truck.
Intervention in a Mercedes garage.

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