Fuel Saver and Pantone Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !


  • Electricity
  • Fuel Autonomy
  • Opacity
  • Compatible
  • Gas UP
camping car kit ecopra camping car kit ecopra

The kit ecopra fuel saver will be able to produce an economy combining ecology with its installation and the economic and sustainable action can be installed on camper, on inefficient and polluting vehicles.
Retroactive effect will clean the engine and resume compression reduce oil consumption and increase the torque.

A close up on the stainless steel ecopra kit, the vast majority of campers do not need special equipment for the installation of a ECOPRA Gillier Pantone kit.

The purpose of a camper is traveling. We welcome travelers from everywhere. Here a Swedish camper came to visit the heart of the Auvergne to reduce fuel consumption.

The different types of motorhome are often within the permitted towing weight, their engine load is often important, their consumption regularly exceed 10 liters per 100kms.
Returns on installations with Gillier Pantone kits announce results sometimes under 8 liters 100kms.
Indeed economical driving, a good command of the eco-driving in addition to the effect of the kit ecopra pantone on the engine performance can such a result.

The installation on vehicles of exceptions that are remarkable for the care of the realization. Ecological tuning for this motorhome made with materials from eco construction.

Here the economy ecology and sustainable development together on one vehicle with gillier kit pantone comburateur ecopra. The transformation took about 300 hours of work to the owner.
Knowing the results of ecopra kit, it has not hesitated to entrust us with this exceptional vehicle for mounting the kit comburateur ecopra.

On this picture, the mounting of the diffuser after the air filter. On a common camper, a Fiat Ducato.
A large majority of Fiat Ducato, all generations have been installed. Results vary from 20 to 30% increased mileage.

The pantone fuel saver kit is back on the exhaust tips. The water tank is located inside the cab for easy management and control of future combustion.

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