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The ECOPRA.COM site is a service of the SAS ECOPRA.COM headquartered in Moulin du Barsac 63220 Dore l’Eglise France RCS 791884869.

The ECOPRA.COM site is free and open to any internet access. It is intended for sale to individuals or businesses for motor vehicles.

The conclusion of a contract with SAS ECOPRA implies acceptance by the customer of all of these terms and conditions, which recognizes the same fact having been fully aware.

Article 1 - The products

The products are new and comply with French legislation and standards applicable in France. SAS ECOPRA will do everything possible to ensure that the photographic visual products accurately represent the products offered for sale. Each product is also accompanied by a precise description allowing to know the main features. In case of manifest error between the characteristics of the product and its representation, the client has the right to return and ask for a refund in accordance with Article 5 (five).

Article 2 - Availability

Our products and prices are valid until they are visible on the ECOPRA.COM site, within the limits of available stocks. Our offers are subject to availability from our suppliers. In this framework, information on availability of products are provided at the time of placing your order.
In case of unavailability of a reference following an order placed by a customer, it will be send an email offering him the choice of delivery of an equivalent reference or reimbursement of sums paid by him and the resolution of the sale without this creates for him cheaply.
In case of cancellation of the sale, or the equivalent reference this differential with the initial order, the customer will be reimbursed for all or part of its payment within a maximum of thirty (30) days of its response.

Article 3 - Change of control

3- 1 the steps to follow to conclude the contract by electronic means;

To order on the ECOPRA.COM site, the customer can choose between two types of research:
Selected criteria, a number of products offered to them as a list, with the ability to see the description. In this sheet item the customer selects the number of parts they wish to order and inserts it into her basket.
Once the client feels he has completed his choice, he will go to the basket by clicking on the button provided for this purpose.
To access this interface, the customer will be directed to a form providing information. These are requested for the invoicing and proper delivery of the order.
To validate the order he shall either complete this form or enter login credentials of the account if already a member.
If access to the account, the customer will be able to edit all the data related if desired.
The provision of false or incomplete information that led to the inability of the site ECOPRA.COM deliver the order does not engage, as such, the responsibility of the latter.
At any time, the customer can access the history and the status of their orders in My Account / My Orders.
Here are the steps to follow command:
- Awaiting Payment "pending payment" order is suspended pending settlement. If no settlement beyond 72 (seventy two) hours, it will lapse.
- In preparation "in preparation" we received the payment, the order has been confirmed. It is now being prepared by the logistics service.
- Item shipped "order validated and sent" the package has left our warehouse. It is en route to the customer's home by one of our carriers.
The delivery time depends on the chosen place of delivery when the order is taken. Once the order is shipped, the customer can access the routing steps of the package with the tracking number provided by the carrier available in my account, "My orders".
ECOPRA SAS reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

3-2 The technical means to the user, before the conclusion of the contract, to identify errors in data entry and correct;

Once validated form or type identifier, the customer can enter a delivery address different from the billing address.
It will then be redirected to a summary page that then it will read the sales conditions. He will be called the unit prices of products, the quantity ordered, the shipping, the total amount of the order.
It will be at this stage the possibility of changing the characteristics of the cart (items or quantities ordered).
To validate this page, you should also check the box on the ratification of these terms and click the submit button.
This acceptance will be the fact, for the client, checks the box next to the following sentence:
"Please accept the terms and conditions before continuing."
This is to check the box will be deemed to have the same legal value as a handwritten signature.
In addition, the customer recognizes the value of evidence of automatic registration of SAS ECOPRA systems. Therefore except in evidence to the contrary, he gave up the contest in the event of a dispute.
The customer will then be redirected to the payment interface. Once payment is confirmed by the bank, in accordance with Article 1369-2 of the Civil Code, the client will send an email acknowledging receipt of the payment and summarizing the details of the order, the items and their quantity and price.

Article 4 - Livraison

The delivery proportional to the weight of the order price, the price scale is as follows:
Less than 1kg € 6
1kg to 2kg € 12
2kg to 3kg € 24
3kg to 6kg € 32
6kg to 10kg € 40
10kg to 15kg € 45
15kg to 20kg € 50
20kg to 25kg € 55
Over 25 kg 60

Delivery is not possible for the following territories: GUADELOUPE ANTILLES - GUYANE (Guadeloupe "Martinique,Marie-Galante "  Guyane, la Désirade, Saint-Matin, Saint-Barthe, la République Dominicaine). The sale will be via ECOPRA Caraibes-art-elec
The delivery takes place within seven (September) working days from the payment of all days of the order placed. This amount will be considered by SAS ECOPRA as a down payment.
His orders are delivered by Colissimo or by an authorized by SAS ECOPRA carrier in time ranging from three (3) to seven (7) business days for orders placed before 15 (fifteen) hours and three (3) 7 (seven) working days for the past beyond fifteen (15) hours, depending on the type of products ordered, as the full payment is received orders.
Some order volumes may justify a delivery than seven working days, it will be expressly stated to the customer's attention during the validation of the order.
Sometimes commands are likely to be delivered in several parcels, several times.

In case of delay or lack of product, the customer may contact our Customer Service on ECOPRA.COM site, by sending an email via the contact form. For each product, the shipping time is clearly indicated on the site before the customer confirms the order. In case of any mishap, the client is immediately notified by e-mail or telephone
Upon receipt of the package, the client must:
• Check the conformity of the goods delivered at the time of delivery.
• Indicate any anomaly on the delivery form of handwritten reserves accompanied by his signature.
• Confirm the receipt to the carrier, as well as a copy to the SAS ECOPRA within two business days.
• If the package is delivered damaged or in poor condition, it is up to the customer to refuse to play so that the guarantee offered by the carrier.
In case of refusal, the delivery is incomplete or error in the delivery, the customer must notify the SAS ECOPRA email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It is understood that in such cases, the maximum delivery time advertised in this contract is no longer intended to apply. When packages appear damaged or incomplete order upon delivery, the customer will also be able to make reservations on the delivery to be submitted by the carrier. If the customer has not received the entire order before the end of the delivery period or if the products are damaged, the reservations made by the customer will enable him to assert his rights.
Only specific reservations on the delivery will open a claim with the carrier commissioned by SAS ECOPRA
In case of loss of packages: from status notification sent on order tracking and after 6 days (six) business days (excluding Corsica) for control by Colissimo and 5 (five) working days for a standard delivery, the customer must contact SAS ECOPRA (0033) or by phone by e-mail at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . SAS ECOPRA open a claim with the carrier concerned, the investigation may take up to 20 (twenty) days.
Any delay in delivery than 20 (twenty) days from the current date of receipt may result in the cancellation of the sale at the initiative of the client, upon written request from him. The customer will then be refunded the amounts incurred by him in the order. This clause is not intended to apply if the delay is due to force majeure.

Article 5 - Cancellation/Return of goods

5-1 Cancellation

 Pursuant to Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the customer has a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery of the order to return, at its expense, the products he ordered for any reason whatsoever. This period starts from the date of receipt of the order at home or fitting center. The delivery dated by the client or the assembly center shall prevail. The right of withdrawal must be made by email to the following address contact @ ecopra.
Products must be returned in their packaging and original packaging, accompanied by the delivery note and the invoice to the address indicated on the form that will be provided back to the client.
Upon receipt and verification of products, SAS ECOPRA refund the customer within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt.

5-2 Return 

5-2-1 Charge

It is recalled that the cost of returning the products to the customer, except when the return is the result of non-compliance or damage duly noted by the SAS ECOPRA. In this case, SAS ECOPRA proceeds with the exchange or refund defective or non-conforming products.
  Only products demonstrating a hidden defect found will be a return to the SAS ECOPRA. The client declares that the product delivered is suffering from a latent defect must return to the SAS ECOPRA.
  All returns will be expertise. SAS ECOPRA will exchange or refund any defective product if the defect is found in the delivery, the customer must notify the SAS ECOPRA within 7 (seven) working days from the date of delivery.
  It is stated that once installed these products cannot be returned or refunded by SAS ECOPRA. This mounting preventing resale as new Kit. The only exception is manufacturing defect found after installation must be invoked in writing, dated and signed by an automotive professional.
  Any risk of returning goods is the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt and verification of products, SAS ECOPRA refund the customer within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt. If products are returned incomplete or damaged, SAS ECOPRA reserves the right to refuse refund

5-2-2 Terms

This should be a return request from us. The products must be in perfect condition for resale (not mounted, not damaged, not damaged or soiled by the customer). The return of the product under these conditions will result in a refund equal to the purchase price of the product purchased minus the cost of return. Reimbursement from the customer's bank will be made within thirty (30) days of receipt. In all cases, an email notify refund the product.
  The customer has two possible return of goods:
The return of the goods can be made by an authorized by SAS ECOPRA carrier. Return costs are 20 (twenty) euros per kit for metropolitan France and 50 (fifty) euros
The return of the goods can be made by the customer himself at the following address: SAS ECOPRA Barsac 63220 Moulin Du Dore Church, FRANCE. SAS ECOPRA not accept packages with postage due.

Article 6 - Prices

The prices listed on the website ECOPRA.COM agreed in euros, including, excluding shipping costs for France taxes. Once authenticated if the area the user is outside France, prices are displayed excluding taxes and delivery charges.
These prices are freely determined by the SAS ECOPRA and may be subject to modifications and changes over time, depending on market prices.
Nevertheless, the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of the final placement of the order in accordance with Article 3 (three) of this contract.
The prices also include eco-participation on the recovery and recycling of raw materials used.
Shipping fees will, in any event, given to the customer before any regulation and concern only deliveries in France, Europe and the world outside Guadeloupe, Guyana and Santo Domingo.
Any other place of delivery, it will be up to the customer to contact customer service.
The products sold items remain the property of the SAS ECOPRA until full payment of the price.
The reference price allows consumers to compare the prices displayed on the site ECOPRA.COM that is typically found in other types of trade for the same product. The reference price is set by the manufacturer, distributor, licensee or importer selling the product.
A decree published in the Official Journal of 13 January 2009 regulates the reference price used to calculate the amount of discounts and sales prices. Now all private sales sites will resume as original price (which are calculated from the discount and the final price of each item) the retail price by the manufacturer or importer, provided that it has been applied in the past three years. The seller must also be able to prove that the award has been used and inform the consumer of the year to which the award relates.
SAS ECOPRA takes as commitment to meet these new provisions to strengthen consumer confidence. Indeed, under each item are shown particulars requested, including the year in which was applied the reference price. If we do not have the reference price or if we have any doubt about any information related to this prize, we take advantage of not display the reference price and the discounts associated.

Article 7 - Payment

Payment must be made by Paypal, check, bank transfer for orders in France. Payment must be made by Paypal, for orders outside France.
ECOPRA.COM The site has access to any data on the payment of the user. Payment is made directly into the hands of the bank.
In case of payment by check or bank transfer, delivery will begin to run until the date of actual and final receipt of payment by SAS ECOPRA. The latter can prove it by any means.

Article 8 - Legal Information

8-1 Confidentiality

The credit card numbers are never stored or preserved case. In all secure areas where the website URL begins with https:// ECOPRA.COM (where 's' stands for secure), the information is encrypted and therefore protected before being transferred over the Internet.

8-2 Checking thecredit card number

When you press the OK at the checkout button, Paypal verifies the validity of the credit card number and make sure it is not in opposition. You are doubly protected against abuse and fraud.

8-3 Protection of personal data:

Period under Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. You can view or edit your personal information in My Account. The processing of personal information on the ECOPRA.COM website has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés under number .............

Article 9 - regulation of disputesand applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. The customer should first contact the SAS ECOPRA to find an amicable solution, given that this approach does not interrupt the duration of the warranty contract or the time to act. In case of a dispute over the interpretation, performance or validity of these Terms and Conditions, the French courts will have jurisdiction.

Article 10 - Extent,duration andvalidity of the offer

The geographical area covered by the offer of SAS ECOPRA extends to metropolitan France but also in the world of the request. The offer is valid while stocks last.