Fuel Saver Kit for all engines. Ecology for all !

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 13:34

The ECOPRA pantone kit (fuel saver) can be installed on all kind of engine, it can be diesel, fuel or ethanol.

Find below some examples with a Dodge, Toyota, Renault, Nissan 4WD.

Here the setup of the ecopra kit on an old 4,2L Nissan patrol.


After the installation, the savings before the gas up was around 250 Km.

In another genre that Traffic renault 4WD engine Sofim lowered its opacity to 80% and increased fuel autonomy of 20%.

The only visible change is the air intake and stainless

Many kind of applications that can be applied to any type of vehicle and any type of fuel, like this Dodge.

Connections remain discreet and their qualities are resistant to use.

All attached to the muffler is securely positioned. Far to interfere on crossings.

four-wheel drive utilities are also compatible with the water doping system with water

The water tank kit gillier pantone can slip easily into tight spaces.


Under the hood stainless discrete brings modified combustion

Nothing shows a difference between a vehicle equipped with another. It is in operation that will appear
the first significant signs of noise reduction in a few minutes.


The assembly principle is reproducible on all type of 4WD diesel fuel ethanol gasoline or lpg.

Whether an four-wheel driveor a contemporary collection vehicle, the intake air is always the same so it is compatible with ecopra fuel saver.

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